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  • Savory Pizza Energy Bar with protein and Low Sugar
    Pine for pizza, crave caprese or long to bite into bruschetta? A delicious blend of natural cheese, sun dried tomato, and herbs including oregano, thyme, and basil, will have your taste buds singing O Sole Mio!
  • Savory BBQ Energy Bar with low sugar
    Nothing satisfies like the hickory-flavored deliciousness of great BBQ. But as good as it is, sticky, dripping sauce doesn’t work on the go. And those BBQ flavored chips just leaving you feeling empty and guilty
  • Savory Sriracha Energy Bar with high protein and low sugar.
    Oh Sriracha! Does just the sight of that rooster bottle make you crave the delicious blend of sun ripened jalapeno peppers, garlic and vinegar? Now you can easily satisfy that craving for the smooth, tangy burn on the go and with no guilt.
  • Savory Harvest Snack Bar pack of 6 BBQ, Sriracha, Pizza Low Sugar
    3 Flavor Variety Pack – 6 Bars
  • Savory Harvest Energy Bar pack of 12 Sriracha, Pizza BBQ Low Sugar High Protein
    3 Flavor Variety Pack – 12 Bars

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