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The Savory Harvest Farm
It is easy to find inspiration for healthy lifestyles and wholesome ingredients when your headquarters are on a farm. Yep, our world headquarters are located 8 miles outside of the rural farming community of Fort Morgan, Colorado. Many of those big snack bar company headquarters are in great cities like New York City or Chicago. And to be honest, sometimes we are a little jealous of all of their great restaurant options. But when we take a break from our test kitchen we can work in the organic garden, stroll the orchard, collect farm fresh eggs or play with Vincent Van Goat.
  • Savory Energy Bars, Gluten Free, Low Sugar
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats enjoy our Savory Energy Bars
  • Savory Energy Bars, Gluten Free, Low Sugar
  • Dragonflies love our Gluten Free Savory Snack Bars, Low Sugar
  • Storm over the savory harvest farm. Energy bars, gluten free, low sugar
  • Sunrise on the farm. Savory Energy Bars, Gluten Free, Low Sugar


It all started on an airplane

For those of us on the go, snack bars can’t be beat for convenience, taste and nutrition. The fact is, we love many of our competitors’ products. However, they have one thing in common; they’re all sweet. And sometimes, sweet just won’t satisfy. The idea was born during a 3 hour airplane ride; 2 hours since lunch and another 3 hours before dinner. A glass of tomato juice in hand from the flight attendant and a choice between pretzels, chips or the SWEET snack bar brought along for the trip. The salty snacks naturally taste great with juice, but who needs empty calories? Why isn’t there a guilt-free, nutritious, savory snack bar on the market that tastes great? ​The idea of Savory Harvest was born.
Lisa, Co-Founder and CMO of Savory Harvest
Lisa, Co-Founder and CMO of Savory Harvest.
Corporate marketer, wife, mother, skier & chicken enthusiast
Lisa faces every working Mom’s dilemma, balancing a rewarding career with family and a healthy lifestyle. To pursue a healthier family lifestyle she and her family recently left city life behind and moved to a small farm outside of Denver. Now, when she takes breaks from her corporate demands you can find her outside in the garden or taking care of the goats and chickens. You can follow Lisa’s journey as this corporate jet setting, confirmed city girl adjusts to life on a farm and a town with no sushi at SavoringTheAdventure.com
Tom, Co-Founder and COO of Savory Harvest
Tom, Co-Founder and COO of Savory Harvest
Operations leader, husband, snowboarder, artist & food-lover
Tom has a passion for travel, good food and the outdoors. While his corporate demands have him on a plane or in front of a computer most days, he really is happiest making something with his hands. Originally from Chicago, he’s a proficient do-it-yourself-er and an aspiring artist. On any weekend when he isn’t snowboarding or whitewater rafting, you’ll find him with either a hammer or a paint brush in hands.

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